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Today let’s learn about turmeric.
It has anti-inflammatory, cleansing & detoxifying properties.
Turmeric is rich in minerals, phosphorus, iron & vitamin A.

Benefits of turmeric are:—

  1. Turmeric has unique property,to stimulate and strengthen the liver.
  2. Turmeric helps to maintain youth.
  3. Helpful in old diseases.
  4. Benefits in chronic jaundice.
  5. Purifies blood.
  6. Removes cough.
  7. Helpful in swelling and pain.
  8. Helpful in improving immunity
  9. Improves function and health of respiratory tract.
  10. Helpful in curing skin diseases
  11. Improves completion.
  12. Helps in purifying and improving quality of brest milk.
  13. Supports digestion. And reduce digestive toxins.
  14. Improves function of circulatory system.

How to use turmeric?

We regularly use turmeric as a cooking spice, but very small quantity of turmeric is absorbed in our body.

Here are few ways to use turmeric as a home remedy for few diseases.


    Add 1/2 small spoon of turmeric in glass of water , add pinch of peppercorn. (काली मिर्च), 1/4 spoon of ginger ( सुंठ). To glassful of milk.
    Boil it for 3_4 mins.
    You can add spoon of honey or sugar to taste.

Drink this in morning or 1 hr. Before sleep.

  • Cold and flu –
    Boil 1 glass of water with 1/2 spoon of fresh or powdered turmeric.
    1/4 spoon of Ginger.
    Boil to reduce it to 3/4 th quantity.
    Add honey 1 TBS. And drink it warm or hot and tuck yourself in bed.
  • For BAD BREATH –
    Mix 1 spoon of turmeric in a glass of water and use it as mouthwash
  • Beauty, immunity booster –
    For regular use you can take turmeric tea.
  • For acne and face care –
    1 spoon turmeric powder
    1 spoon rose water
    +1 spoon honey
    1 spoon alovera jel /fresh alovera
    +4-5 drops of lemon juice
    Apply on face for 15-20 mins and wash of your face.

So stay healthy stay happy and beautiful.

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